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Our specialized technology helps our clients manage and execute their sustainable business transformation through state-of-the-art digital solutions

Explore our digital solutions to support your company achieve its sustainability goals.

What we offer?

The broadest breadth of Sustainability Management & Reporting capabilities across all ESG topics. 


Health & Safety

Complete set of tools that enables you to digitalise health and safety processes, including occupational health, incident management, clinical health, training and competency, and compliance.



Comprehensive environmental monitoring and reporting capability include carbon and energy management, waste management, environmental and biodiversity management, and water management.


Governance & Compliance

Proactively identify risks and compliance companywide by mitigating potential legislative, commercial and operational impacts ensuring business continuity. 



We have aligned our technology to support social investment strategies that deliver shared value for business and society.

Technologies for modern

Business Management


Purposely designed for seamless integration within your existing IT ecosystem. Capture data from a wide variety of sources including equipment, sensors, enterprise software applications, IOT platforms, mobile, manual data entry, and much more.

Integrated management system in the cloud

Our software is built on the PDCA continuous improvement circle as the architecture and logic for risk assessment, control implementation, deviation detection and action plans.

Business Intelligence and reporting

Configurable business intelligence reporting and dashboarding in real-time providing deep insight, empowering proactive decision making to implement best practice and maintain compliance.

VST Software

For organisations, working towards a sustainable future is more than a symbolic fulfillment: it is a vital way to ensure future stability and long-term business value.

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