ESG Software

Achieve your Sustainability Goals

ESG Software

Environmental, Social & Governance

Are three key indicators for achieving corporate sustainability. Our cutting-edge technology encompasses all ESG compliance management and reporting through solutions that address your processes in a single environment and best-in-class business user experience.



Track and measure ESG progress. Produce executive management reports using frameworks.


Complies with legislative regulations and sustainability frameworks.
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Collect and Manage

Collect and manage large amounts of information for data-driven decision making.
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Optimizes compliance with corporate standards and sustainable development goals (SDGs).
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Improves risk management and enhances sustainability processes across the organization.
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Complete digital tool

for achieving ESG criteria

Manage large amounts of data and generate ESG reports according to your requirements. Access reports from the palm of your hand while in the workplace, with customizable forms for any business need.

Identify potential risks for each task and create a checklist to ensure that all necessary compliance requirements are completed before moving forward. Perform risk assessments in configurable matrices.

As legislation and regulations become increasingly complex and changing, reduce the expense and effort of compliance management processes and automate the verification process.

Parameterizable preventive tools for the identification of findings and follow-up of action plan closure.

Generate action plans for each of your ESG objectives.

Establish start and end dates for the set of activities that make up an action plan, assigning responsibilities and a logical sequencing with predecessor and successor activities, for timely completion and compliance.