Ensure Safe and Healthy workplace for all employees

Efficient occupational health and safety management

Health and Safety Software

Maintain a safe and healthy working environment for all employees

Discover our Health & Safety capability to digitalise your processes from clinical health & wellness, occupational health and hygiene, disease and injury management and reporting to workforce risk planning, work permits, training and compliance.

Streamline your Occupational Health and Safety Management by:


Identifying risks.


Corrective actions and responsible parties.


Compliance by those involved.


All the tools you need

To create a safe and healthy workplace.

Streamline occupational health and safety management reporting.

Access occupational health reports in the palm of your hand anywhere with configurable forms for all of your business needs.

Report, notify and investigate leveraging industry best practices to determine underlying causes. Generate and monitor action plans to improve workplace health & safety.

Identify potential risks and create checklists to ensure all of the necessary compliance requirements are completed through configurable matrices.

Effectively manage employee health through primary healthcare management and injury & illness management. Create a complete and comprehensive digital health record for each employee.

Identify the source of change and whether this is the result of regulation, technology, budget or other factors.

Identify changes in engineering or processes within an operation or project. Assess the risk and determine the appropriate control measures to mitigate risk.

Know the level of training and accreditation of your workforce.

Know the level of training and accredited competencies of the workers in your organization, allowing you to manage all the jobs in the company, assigning a set of skills and mandatory training. Know in real time the curricular progress of each worker, the statistics by job position and the level of compliance with training programs. Assign skills and mandatory training for employees and required work tasks.

Create asset Categories

Associate checklists, plan and perform inspections, monitor compliance and availability. Inspect structures and find any potential faults that may go unnoticed during routine inspections. Simply scan the asset’s QR code and perform the inspection, which will be automatically recorded from the mobile App. 

Your entire organisation will be able to have the most commonly used field reporting forms for Health and Safety management in the palm of their hands, allowing you to comply with scheduled activities for field work routines.