Meet your Environmental Commitments

Achieve your Sustainability Goals

Environmental Management Software

Improve environmental management

Capture essential data and measure environmental criteria including emissions and energy, waste, biodiversity through real-time environmental monitoring.

Maintain compliance and achieve your environmental commitments in a single platform.

All the tools you need for

efficient environmental management.

Define Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) relevant to your organization.

Catalogue, capture and aggregate all kinds of data. Leverage our comprehensive Business Intelligence Formula Library for many inbuilt calculations and conversion factors.

Define and calculate emissions data to create your GHG emissions inventory.

Define your scope 1, scope 2 and scope 3 emissions globally, for a specified region, site or at individual assets inline with ISO 14064. Leverage a comprehensive Business Intelligence Formula Library for many inbuilt calculations such as CO2, CO2e and total energy. 

Maintain environmental compliance.

Proactively monitor environmental compliance risks and to mitigate potential legislative, commercial and operational impacts.

Proactively assess environmental risks.

Evaluate the environmental risks of your processes and projects through configurable risk matrices to implement appropriate control measures to mitigate environmental risk. 

Report, notify and investigate environmental incidents. 

Report, notify and investigate environmental incidents to determine root causes. Generate and monitor action plans to improve environmental monitoring and management.

Effectively measure and manage types of company waste. 

Categorise company waste by type, volume and location to take preventive measures for the treatment, transportation, storage and disposal/circularity methods. 

Monitor organisational usage and reliance for natural resources.  

Measure and implement strategies to reduce natural resources dependence such as water consumption, natural materials, monitor and measure withdrawal impact.​ ​