Maintain Company Corporate Governance

Monitor policy and regulatory compliance across your organization

Corporate Governance Software

Proactively identify risk and monitor compliance

Effectively manage company policies and regulations throughout the business to mitigate potential legislative, commercial and operational impacts and ensure business continuity. 

Sustainability Software

Gain holistic insight and support collaboration between business departments, areas and stakeholders to maintain compliance and achieve sustainable corporate governance.

Summary of benefits

All the tools you need

To maintain compliance.

Centralised corporate governance register to manage both legislative and corporate policy requirements.  

Integrate risk & opportunity to support effective business decision making. Proactively mitigate legislative, commercial and operational impacts while satisfying mandatory reporting requirements.

Track and Monitor company compliance and commitments

Implement legislative and risk monitoring to proactively identify any breaches. Track and Monitor company progress against business led ESG goals and strategies.

Implement transparent quality & assurance

Develop and implement quality & assurance programs to generate an audit trail of compliance monitoring for legal and risk monitoring. Identify any breaches and implement corrective actions.

Prequalify and assess suppliers

Classify and rank suppliers based on their goods, services and activities, operating and materials-sourcing regions. Electronically deploy risk-based prequalification assessments to automate approval processes and compliance information capture.

Integrate company risk and materiality

Identify and assess company risk with stakeholder materiality and double materiality to implement effective management and risk. mitigation strategies