Vela Sustainability Technologies Welcomes PeopleTray to Its Portfolio

Vela Sustainability Technologies proudly announces the addition of PeopleTray to our growing portfolio. This strategic acquisition from our parent company signals our ongoing commitment to driving sustainable practices and operational excellence across industries.

PeopleTray is Now Part of VST 

Based in Australia, PeopleTray is a Perth-based technology firm that provides leading cloud-based solutions for businesses that operate in remote, hazardous environments.  where safety, compliance and FIFO workforce management are important drivers of business performance.

Rodrigo Calle, CEO of Vela Sustainability Technologies, welcomed PeopleTray to our portfolio. He commented: “We are delighted to announce the integration of Peopletray into our portfolio. Peopletray brings a wealth of experience in sustainability from a workforce management perspective. With the addition of Peopletray, our portfolio is significantly strengthened, incorporating a company that is a global leader in FIFO management. This addition enhances the value we offer to our clients worldwide”

PeopleTray CEO Tony Hampton said he was excited about the opportunities and provided the following statement: “This initiative will help us accelerate our product development and business growth, resulting in new innovations and services to help our customers achieve their goals.”

About PeopleTray

This software’s cloud-based platform revolutionizes the management of FIFO rosters, mining camp management, training, onboarding, health and safety, supplier management and compliance. Designed to streamline operations in challenging environments, their solutions empower businesses to achieve higher standards of safety and efficiency. This certainly reinforces our shared vision for a sustainable mining industry.

About Vela Sustainability Technologies

Vela Sustainability Technologies specializes in acquiring and developing sustainability-driven software businesses that offer unique, technology-driven solutions. Our portfolio of cutting-edge software solutions is pioneering in EHS, Employee Health Management and ESG Reporting.

A Future Forged Together

The integration of this new solution into Vela Sustainability Technologies marks a significant milestone in our journey. We are excited about the opportunities this collaboration presents and look forward to the positive impact it will have on our clients and the broader industry.

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