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EHS SaaS: How to Implement an Effective Solution for Your Organization 

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, organizations face numerous challenges when it comes to managing their Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) requirements. From regulatory compliance to risk mitigation, companies need effective tools and strategies to ensure the safety of their employees, protect the environment, and maintain compliance with relevant laws and regulations. One solution that

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Choosing the Right EHS Platform for Your Organization

Choosing the Right EHS Platform for Your Organization: A Guide

As organizations of all sizes strive to ensure the safety and well-being of their employees, EHS (Environmental Health & Safety) platforms are becoming increasingly important. EHS solutions offer a wide range of features that help companies manage workplace safety, compliance, and risk management efficiently. With so many EHS solutions available today, choosing the one that

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How Sustainability Software is Transforming Businesses

Sustainability is becoming increasingly crucial for businesses in all industries and sectors. Organizations must effectively manage their sustainability performance to stay competitive while reducing costs and increasing efficiency. Sustainability software is a powerful tool that can help them do just that. It enables organizations to track, analyze, and report on their sustainability performance in real-time

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Vela Software expands its ESG portfolio, taking Brazilian Company global

Vela Software is continuing to expand its ESG portfolio with the latest acquisition of Occupational Health and Safety, and Environment software company Nexo CS. Nexo CS provides occupational health and safety solutions to a variety of asset-intensive industries including steel manufacturing, food and beverage, chemicals, telecommunications, pharmaceutics, pulp and paper, banks, government, hospitals, and construction

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How to achieve sustainable corporate governance

Sustainable corporate governance is becoming increasingly important as we become more aware of the impact our companies have on the environment. But what is sustainable corporate governance and why should companies make it a priority? In this article, we will explore and discuss how to achieve sustainable corporate governance in your company. What is sustainable

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Differences between GRI and SASB indicators

The GRI and SASB are a framework for corporate sustainability reporting. GRI, or Global Reporting Initiative, sets standards for companies to report on their economic, environmental and social impact. SASB, or Sustainability Accounting Standards Board, focuses specifically on the financial materiality of sustainability issues. When GRI and SASB collaborate on a company’s reporting process, they

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5 steps to address corporate sustainability

Sustainability is a challenge that all companies face. While there are many different ways to address this challenge, here are five essential steps to address corporate sustainability. These five steps can be used by any company, of any size, in any industry. By following these five steps, you can make your business more sustainable and

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